To say board size and shape are particular to the surfer is an understatement. This reality makes it difficult to be more than general in describing what type of surf a board will work well in. What I attempt is to describe what size and type of waves the board was designed for. As they say, results may vary but understanding some design principles and a bit of terminology will greatly help. Keep reading for recommended sizes
These dimensions are not set in stone. All of our models can be adjusted to suit your personal needs. The dimensions are what I would refer to as “native” or “rack” dimensions. They are derived from a master file through a scaling process. They are the dimensions you will likely see in the rack at one of our retailers. Keep reading for recommended wave ranges
Direction to the right size board is not an exact science but a culmination of direct experience, team feed back and constant communication with customers - after that, a reliance on gut feeling. These recommendations assume careful consideration of where you are at with your surfing (honesty in your level of surfing) along with consideration of the volume chart. Keep reading for recommended skills