Queen Of The Peak is one of the best contest around. This was the 7th year it’s been taking place in Tofino and it just keeps getting better every year. The competitors get treated like royalty for the weekend, the waves are always pumping and they throw the best parties! Not to mention the ladies out there are absolutely ripping, have a look through our photo gallery below and see for yourself.

Congratulations to the Olin Sisters! Sanoa won Princess of the Peak (on The Sled), while Mathea took the Longboard Title (on The Even) along with 2nd in the Women’s Open (on Project).

bryanna-bradleyPhoto: Bryanna Bradley

kyler-vosPhoto: Kyler Vos

getattachmentthumbnail-2Photo: Nora Morrison

20161002-img_0192Surfer: Steph Wightman / Photo: Marcus Paladino

20161002-img_0682Surfer: Sanoa Olin / Photo: Marcus Paladino

20161002-img_0037Surfer: Sanoa Olin / Photo: Marcus Paladino

getattachmentthumbnailPrincess Of The Peak / Photo: Nora Morrison


Board Caddie / Photo: Marcus Paladino

20161002-img_0882Surfer: Mathea Olin / Photo: Marcus Paladino

20161002-img_0837Surfer: Mathea Olin / Photo: Marcus Paladino

20161002-img_0995Longboard Champion / Photo: Marcus Paladino


The Future / Photo: Kyler Vos


Surfer: Aqua Bruhwiler / Photo: Marcus Paladino

katherine-dunn-rosene-bryanna-bradleySurfer: Katherine Dunn-Rosene / Photo: Bryanna Bradley

bbSurfer: Shandy Kariatsumari / Photo: Bryanna Bradley


Surfer: Mathea Olin / Photo: Marcus Paladino

Board Change / Photo: Marcus Paladino

20161002-img_1193Surfer: Mathea Olin / Photo: Marcus Paladino



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